Tuesday, 3 November 2020



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and previously hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl 

This week's topic is non-bookish hobbies of mine, us book blogger know each other's favourite books but don't really know each other's other hobbies, and this topic seems like will help us get to know each other well! So here I go with my top ten hobbies other than reading, what are some of yours? Comment your post links below!

1. Learning Languages
After I started to learn German, I discovered Korean culture, and now this year I started learning Korean, but now it seems like the floodgates have opened and I want to learn more languages like Russian and Spanish! I don't when that'll happen but for now, apart from studying German and Korean properly, I play around on Duolingo and try to study Russian and Spanish.
2. Organising
I love organising, whether it's my desk, my cupboard, or to-do lists, it just feels so nice seeing everything organised, if only I could do that with my life, lol.
3. Spending Time in Nature
I don't when this started, but since I live in the city, I don't really get a chance to hear a lot of birds or see a lot of trees, forest. So I just love to go on walks, take a lot of pictures of mountains, trees, flowers, anything nature haha.
4. Binge-Watching TVshows 
Binge-watching tv-shows, rom-com or superhero movies, Kdramas, Korean variety shows are the top things that I'm always watching. 
5. Singing and Playing an instrument
I love singing, I have been learning Indian classical music since I was in 3rd grade, I can also play the Harmonium(Indian classical instrument sort of like a piano). It's just relaxing to play, sing alone, or these I enjoy listening to classical music, I am exploring music by Mozart, Beethoven, Sebastian Bach, Debussy and Tchaikovsky 
6. Writing
I might be cheating with this one, since it comes near bookish area haha, but I don't write proper books ..yet, I tend to write a few scenarios in my diary that I come up with, it's not as often as I would like, but I still write under the guise of research and practice for whenever I start writing novels.
7. Meeting Friends
I don't have a lot of friends in real life, just two, but meeting them was like I found some treasure. Since we don't live in the same city anymore, meeting once a week has become once a month or calling once a week, and I enjoy that time the most!
8. Gifts
I love giving gifts, planning for them, I'm always on the hunt to find something peculiar, whether its something handmade stuff or I make something special, or finding some new really good skincare brand. Buying what my friend would enjoy, just gives me this exciting feeling haha. 
9. Arts & Crafts
As I mentioned above, I like to make some crafts stuff for myself or family or friends, I'm really good at it but if it turns out impressive, I love to give them out!
10. Cooking
I used to not like cooking before but in recent years I started cooking for myself and I really enjoy the time, although it can get tiring to cook all the time so I don't enjoy it always haha

Do we have any of these in common?
What are your top ten books? Leave the links to your posts too!


  1. Spending time in nature was on my list, too. Isn't it soothing? :)

    My post.

  2. Arts and crafts are fun! I've been doing diamond dot painting recently. I love how mindless but fun it is.

  3. What a great list! Spending time in nature is something I really love, and wish I could do more of! I can't wait to be able to plan vacations again and get back out to some national parks!

  4. Oh to be able to learn a language, thoroughly. I learn words and phrases, but have never managed to get further. And would love to learn how to play an instrument, even if it's just the piano.

  5. I would love to have the patience to learn a new language but I get so frustrated with it and give up.

  6. Spending time in nature is a great idea, and it's great you enjoy giving gifts. I do, too, but am rubbish at wrapping them.

  7. It does feel quite nice seeing everything organized. Great list of hobbies!

    Here's my list of hobbies!

  8. Great list! I enjoy learning languages too, but I haven't done as much of that lately as I want to.

  9. I share many of your hobbies including learning new languages and spending time in nature. Great list!

  10. Great list! I also love cooking and writing! I wanted to learn more languages too!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  11. I studied Spanish in high school and college and my husband speaks it like a native, so I thought I would get along just fine when we visited Chile a couple years ago. Not so. They speak fast and with a lot of slang - I was totally lost! LOL. I guess I need to keep studying :) It's fun to learn new languages - good luck with yours.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

  12. Yay for linguistics and musicians and Kdrama fans! :) Hope you'll put up some reviews soon, or if you already have, repost with links? Always happy to chat about KDramas.

  13. Duolingo is great!
    I have been learning Polish ever since Covid arrived.

  14. I've always been awful with languages but I started Duolingo during lockdown and I'm enjoying (very slowly) picking up more some Spanish than just the things I'd order in restaurants.

  15. Duolingo is one of my favorite apps. I used to take French and Japanese classes and now I've been taking the Duolingo courses for them. I've also started up on Swedish and Welsh as well. :)