Sunday, 1 November 2020



Cinema Sunday is created and hosted by escape2fiction The tag lets us, bibliophiles, to step away from books on our book blogs and talk about some television/cinema entertainment that we've recently watched instead.  

I have been wanting to talk about some tv shows and movies for quite a long time now, as I love watching movies and tv shows and talking about them as well, but I had limited resources(read friends) to let out my thoughts haha, so this tag will give me the platform to do so comfortably here! Hope you all join in as well! 

Today I'll be talking about Schitt's Creek!

I wanted to watch some light tv show since some time now and Schitt's Creek kept popping up on my Netflix, I remembered watching Schitt's Creek a few years back on comedy central, and then everyone was talking about it on social media, also my friend watched and loved the show
as well, so here I was watching it every day for two weeks and having the most relaxed time.

Schitt's Creek is a story of once billionaires turned bankrupt Rose family. The main characters were really good, especially Catherine O'Hara, she just had my attention all the time! I am not really that into fashion but I couldn't keep myself from taking mental notes on Alexis' and Moira's outfits and accessories! Alexis' "oh my god, David" is forever imprinted on my mind for some reason haha. And David R0se just remained my favourite from start to finish. 

It is so well written, it's funny, heartwarming and just had all the feels. It felt like they were finding their groove in the first season and from then on it just kept getting funnier and better throughout. The side characters in the town as well were so good! It felt like everything worked like a well-oiled machine. I really like that they were in that Rosebud motel till the end and they ended it there, I really loved the ending, the last episode was just too good! The natural inclusivity of every single one in the society was the best part of the show for me, like I'm sure, everyone else.

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