Sunday, 11 October 2020


Cinema Sunday is created and hosted by escape2fiction The tag lets us, bibliophiles, to step away from books on our book blogs and talk about some television/cinema entertainment that we've recently watched instead.  

I have been wanting to talk about some tv shows and movies for quite a long time now, as I love watching movies and tv shows and talking about them as well, but I had limited resources(read friends) to let out my thoughts haha, so this tag will give me the platform to do so comfortably here! Hope you all join in as well! 

Today I'll talk about the KDrama I watched this week on Netflix, When the Camellia Blooms.

Dong Baek, a single mother comes to Ongsan, a small town, with her son to find some solace and a sense of belonging. Although the community doesn't accept her completely, she sets up a bar in the town, which quickly becomes a place for town's men to hang out way too much to their wives' disappointment, which leads to more hostility from the town's people towards our FL. 

Enter our Main Lead, Hwang Yong Sik, a very dedicated police officer, with a simple mindset of putting bad people behind the bars is in search of his "Princess Diana". With not much luck in Seoul, he is demoted and is back in his hometown, where he sees and falls for Dong Baek. Hwang Yong Sik, a country bumpkin, is pure at times, but so very determined when he's set on his path, also very protective of his loved ones.

Dong Baek at first is very timid and shy, and is not very confident, slowly she grows and becomes a better version of herself in each episode. Hwang Yong Sik was very supportive of her and brings her out of her shell and shows her the joys of life. He is definitely one of best kdrama boyfriends hands down! You may expect there to be some sweet small town people but here they take their sweet time to become sweet, you do like them though.

The drama has a mixture of genres, 

some humor 

mixed with some mystery with a serial killer called 'Joker' on the lose 

and some romance 


and some emotional tearjerker feels to melt your heart. 

It starts out slow, I even questioned whether to continue watching it after two-three episodes, but I'm so glad that I did because it really is a great drama and it just gets better and better like aged wine. With a solid cast, main and supportive, killer storyline, characters, concept, everything is very fresh. It is not your average conventional romance story for sure.

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  1. Amazing post! I look forward to seeing your future Cinema Sundays :))