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Goodreads Summary: 

“[Thayne] engages the reader’s heart and emotions, inspiring hope and the belief that miracles are possible.” —Debbie Macomber

New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne returns to Haven Point to bring readers another heartwarming and inspiring story of Christmas romance—this time for Luke and Elizabeth Hamilton, a couple greatly in need of holiday healing and the magic of Christmas!

Hearts are lighter and wishes burn a little brighter at Christmas…

Elizabeth was trapped in a tangle of postpartum depression and grief after the death of her beloved parents and she couldn’t quite see the way back to her husband and their two beautiful kids…until a car accident stole away her memories and changed her life.

And when she finally remembered the sound of little Cassie’s laugh, the baby powder smell of Bridger, or the feel of her husband’s hand in hers, Elizabeth worried that they’d moved on without her. That she’d missed too much. That perhaps she wasn’t the right mother for her kids or wife for Luke, no matter how much she loved them.

But now, seven years later, Luke finds her in a nearby town and brings Elizabeth back home to the family she loves, just in time for Christmas. And being reunited with Luke and her children is better than anything Elizabeth could have imagined.

As they all trim the tree and bake cookies, making new holiday memories, Elizabeth and Luke are drawn ever closer. Can the hurt of the past seven years be healed over the course of one Christmas season and bring the Hamiltons the gift of a new beginning? 

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My Review:

Do you like reading Holiday romance or Holiday books in general at any time of the year? I definitely do, I can read them any time of the year! Coming Home for Christmas is a holiday romance novel based in Haven Point, a small town in Idaho.

Luke Hamilton who lives in Haven Point with his two children, is looking for some jail time in the near future, under suspicions of his wife's murder, which he didn't commit. So he goes to get his wife who ran away from the house, as she was suffering from postpartum depression at the time, but when she didn't return home and stayed away, he presumed she was dead. That's why he is hostile towards her when he discovers that she has been alive all this time and didn't return home for seven long years. 

Elizabeth has been through hell and back, with the accident and the reality is completely different from what Luke is imagining. Elizabeth can't get enough glances at her family from afar, she wants to see them and wants her life back but that doesn't seem likely to happen. When Luke comes to get her, she is shocked to learn that Luke is in trouble because of her disappearance and the truth is far from what everyone has been assuming about him. She is all ready to clear the misunderstanding and wants to help her family and protect them with everything she has. 

This is a second chance romance, the kids were cute, the people in the town were colourful, some good, some grey, not everyone is perfect, the story had some drama and I liked all of that. But I found the story a bit fast-paced. It doesn't seem plausible to get over all the seven years of hurt in a week, but because the writing was good, it didn't feel out of place and the story flowed nicely. I just wished I had gotten some more time to see the characters adjusting well. I read this book in one sitting because it was such a page-turner, I couldn't stop.

*Thank you for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.*

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  1. I was a little worried about this one because it seemed impossible to get all of the issues dealt with but I agree that Thayne did an amazing job. I hope we see them as background characters in future books!