Thursday, 25 May 2017


Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts - (un)Conventional Bookviews

It is hosted by Unconventional Bookviews . The idea of Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts is to share a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read, as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not. 
So without further ado:

This week, my quote is from my top favourite book in this year so far, Psy-Changeling series' Shards of Hope, for the excitement I am feeling for the upcoming Silver Silence's release. Its a must read series if you love paranormal romance. 

In the scene below Zaira and Aden are having breakfast with a changeling pack and Zaira doesn't know what to do when a cub child latches on to her. Its really funny seeing Zaira struggle with Jojo. And who isn't unable to control around cookies!

Sitting up in her lap, the child stared at her, frown lines marring her forehead above eyes that had
shifted to a soft brown. A second later, she clapped. “Cookies!”
As the word seemed apropos of nothing, Zaira downgraded her estimation of Jojo’s intelligence

until Aden said, “Do you find yourself unable to control yourself around cookies, Jojo?”

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