Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week's topic is Top Ten Books I Liked More and Less Than I Thought.

I'm dividing it in 5 books, first 5 will be books I liked more than I expected and second half will be books I Liked Less than I expected.
(Click on the titles to go to their Goodreads's Page).

1. Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling) by Nalini Singh:

I read tons of great reviews of this series, so I knew I would enjoy this but had no idea how much I would end up loving it!! It is now my top favourite series. I cannot get enough of it and can't stop recommending it either.
2. Irresistibly Yours (Oxford) by Lauren Layne:  

While this was not the first series I read by Lauren Layne it was Sex, Love & Stiletto series and this is a spin off of it. I read this book right after that series and this book is my top favourite so had to add this one on the list. This was a new author for me and I ended up absolutely loving her writing. After this, I read two more series by her, The Wedding Belles and New York's Finest. Love them both.

I love this trilogy and loved Zuzana and Mik in the books. While Iove this author's writing, novella is what I never LOVE, I do like them but they always leave me unsatisfied and very few grab my attention. This one absolutely floored me. And even though I wanted more of Zuzana and Mik, this book was so different and charming, it just exceeded my expectations.

While I loved Marie Harte's The McCauley Brothers's I didn't expect this series or this book in particular to love it as much as I did cause the hero, Foley is a hot mechanic and the heroine, Cyn is a smart business woman with a body weight complex. But they couldn't be more perfectly fit together. I adored them both throughout the book and the story was just perfect for them.

I had never read any historical books before reading this series, so I had minimal expectations to love this genre. I guess I chose a perfect series to begin with this genre cause not only did I love reading historical books, I ended up loving all the Bridgertons. They were so charming and lovely, I want more of their books! 

I'm now gonna list some books I liked less than I thought I would(Note: Not Hated just less liked). I never talk crap about books cause mostly I find fewer flaws, I've never DNFd a book partly because I am a bit optimistic and find some good things in each book and partly because I choose the books to read a bit carefully.

I absolutely loved the writing and I am going to definitely read some other titles by her, but I didn't end up liking this as much as I expected. I liked it but didn't love it. I didn't quite get the concept of this series and didn't like the ending too, it felt abrupt leaving me unsatisfied and as a Happily Ever After reader, I couldn't digest that well I think. That is why this book is on this side of the list. 

I was in a New Adult phase when I read this one. There were just so many great books out in this genre that I couldn't help but expect a lot from this series. And it turned out to be a bit underwhelming. I didn't like the hero that much and also the story was a kinda not my type. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading it and it was a 3 stars book for so not that bad. 

I really love the titles of this series, all the Back Street Boy songs titles just the characters and stories weren't that impressive for me.

Nowadays I feel like YA books are just getting too hyped up and they can't compare to Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles or to Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry and I just started reading this book with tons of expectations because of hype but I ended up not liking the characters that much or the story. But the silver lining is, I loved Emery Lord's writing and I plan on reading her other books because of that.

Like I said, above for Oxford series, I love this author's writing and I love all her books so I always have certain kind of expectations from her work, and though the writing and story didn't disappoint me, the hero did. I didn't like his reasoning good enough to stay apart from the girl throughout the book. But it wasn't a total disappointment so it was a 3 stars book for me.

So there you go. That is my top ten band list. 


  1. I have not read any of the books you mention, but a few of the authors are on my must read list (Liani Taylor, Rachel Vincent, Nalini Singh, and Julia Quinn in particular).

    It's nice when you still want to read an author's work even if you didn't care for one book you read by him or her. Sometimes I like to give an author another chance. Sounds like you do too.

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great week!

    1. You really gotta read all their books and hopefully you'll like them :)
      Yes, I like to give an author another chance cause writing books is definitely not easy. Glad you do the same too!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The Duke and I is one of my favorites! I reread it not long ago and absolutely fell in love with it all over again. Lauren Layne has been on my TBR forever and I'll have to start with the Oxford series. It sounds really good!

    1. Oh yay! I am so glad you too like Bridgertons! And yes, go for Lauren Layne's books. Hope you enjoy reading them!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I haven't read any of the books you mentioned. But I'll have to take a closer look at those you liked :) Hope you have a great week.

    1. I hope you enjoy the books if you choose to read any of them. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Interesting how Lauren Layne ended up on both your lists! :) I've only read two by her so far and really enjoyed them (especially Blurred Lines!). I've had Open Road Summer on my shelf for ages but never have picked it up. If I haven't by now I'm probably not going to.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  5. I didn't like Open Road Summer much either. The MC was so unlikable. And I loved Perfect Chemistry! :) Great list!

  6. I have to say Lauren Layne and Emery Lord disappointed me. I read different books from those authors, but I still expected a lot more from them than what I got. Now, I totally agree with you on Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles or to Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. I want more books like those two!

  7. I'm glad to hear your love for the Psy-changeling series - Nalini Singh is an author I'd really like to check out!

  8. You should also read the Guidl hunter series by Nalini Singh! This author is amazing!

  9. I've only heard of a couple of these books. I really need to read Night of Cake & Puppets, since I really enjoyed that series, but never got around to the novella. I've had Slave To Sensation on my TBR for a while now, mostly because of Felicia Day's Vaginal Fantasy book club, otherwise I probably would have never known it even existed ha ha.

  10. I Loved The Duke and I - adore Julia Quinn

  11. aahhh, I've never read these books before. But I've been eyeing the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series by Laini Taylor 'cause I've read good things about it :)

  12. I love Lauren Layne!! I haven't read Cuff Me yet, but I actually didn't enjoy the first two as much in that series, so I am leery...will give it a go at some point. :)