Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week's topic is an Audio Freebie.

Its Audio Freebie today so I am going to go with Top Ten Bands or Singers

1. Adele :

I will be honest with you, I started listening to Adele when her Hello song came out and I am just in love with her songs and her personality now. Send My Love is one of my favourites.
2. Imagine Dragons :  

Love them. I feel like their songs are so from the heart and the videos are attractive and so minimalist. It just captures your attention. Radioactive and I Bet My Life are my favourite songs. But who am I kidding? I love them all.

3. Taylor Swift :

I used to listen to her songs and like them, but when I really started loving her songs was after her 1989 album. Love Style song from 1989 album.

4. Mumford and Sons : 

You have to listen to them if you haven't. Because they have a lot of great songs. I just love that they have a banjo playing in their songs. Little Lion Man is my favourite song from them.

5. Ed Sheeren :

I feel like I don't even have to write anything for this description. I mean the lyrics of all the songs, music and his voice. Its all a perfect combination. And if you haven't heard him, You're living under a rock because you're missing out. Go check him out now!! I love all of his songs.

6. Coldplay :

I LOVE Chris Martin. His voice is amazing. I love all of their songs. I just feel like he's a happy go lucky person, with all the always smiling thing and all. Just love that. The lyrics of their songs are beautiful. My favourite song, hmm, its hard to choose one but I'll go with Sky Full of Stars.

7. Chainsmokers :

I heard Roses and now I can't stop listening to their songs. I like almost all of their songs. They have good new feature singers in their songs.

8. One Direction :

I noticed them properly after Zayn left. Because it was this big thing in the news and all. I had listened to their songs before but never paid much attention to them. But after the news, I started to listen properly and I love all their old and new songs. Perfect and History being my favourites out of all.

9. The Vamps, 5SOS, Little Mix:

All three of them are young bands. The Vamps are similar to One Direction, Somebody to you being my favourite. 5 seconds of Summer has some good pop songs. Little Mix is also starting out good now. I love their Hair and Secret Love Song songs.

10. Maroon 5 :

I know Adam Levine looks divine and I like their songs because of the music. They have good catchy songs. Payphone is my favourite song from Maroon 5. 

So there you go. That is my top ten band list. 


  1. LOL we boith have Imagine Dragons and One Direction on our lists this week. Taylor Swift and Adele just didn't make the final 10 although I love them too. Hello is stunning and I love Set Fire to the Rain too. Great list. My TTT

    1. Ooh I love your taste in the music! Get it? Because we have the same taste?

  2. Love Chainsmokers and Imagine Dragons. Great list!

  3. Love Chainsmokers and Imagine Dragons. Great list!

  4. I love Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay! Great list!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/top-ten-tuesday-75/