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Blog Tour ~ Category Jeremy by Elizabetta Holcomb

Title: Category Jeremy (Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam Book Two)
Author: Elizabetta Holcomb

Summary from Amazon:

Jeremiah Cameron Tremaine
Within the body of Jeremy is a weapon of mass destruction. Being the strongest host in Dover’s Amalgam, he is a hurricane of a class all by himself. The strongest host alive. Living between two time periods: one life in medieval Dover and the other in modern Louisiana, England, and the Cayman Islands, he finds life becomes a cluster of unfortunate events that bring him face to face with the girl he left behind.

Beau Angelle Benoit
Eight years ago, something happened to Jeremy. After being lost in Hurricane Libby, Beau was there when they found him naked, half starved, and surrounded by dead animals. She could hear him speaking without ever opening his mouth and when he touched her, she could feel the energy he contained. But instead of trusting her with his abilities, he left her to face government officials who probed her mind and a town that thought her a lunatic.

Jeremy is back in his hometown of Gueydan, Louisiana to help with church reform and to dismantle host formation as the dawn of mega storms comes to the south coast. When he sees that Beau is in need of hero, he is more than happy to be that person. Wanting to see her reputation restored, he will do anything to make right the wrongs he is responsible for in her life—even if it means to lie to her so he can protect her from becoming a target for the enemies of Dover. The Hun’s are back and forming an army of host of its own, plowing down anyone that stands in their way of power and complete control of Dover’s Amalgam.

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About the Author:
Elizabetta Holcomb is a YA Historical Romance/Time Travel Author who lives in South Louisiana with her husband, children, and cats. When she isn't working nights as a nurse, she is in her writing room creating more adventures surrounding Dover Castle. The best part of becoming a published author is connecting with readers and sharing the amazing world that all starts with a medieval duke and a small town modern girl. Elizabetta loves to travel and spend time with her family. Mother to 5. Marmee to 1. Connect with Elizabetta on social media by clicking the icons on this web site!
Note from the author: The Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam beginning was a group of stories I wrote for my daughter, Jillian. Her love for reading inspired me to pick up my pen again and the result was our very first hero, Sir Jareth Tremaine. When Jillian and the rest of her siblings became obsessed with Smallville on the CW, enter the superhero factor. Jeremy came into the family of Dover's Amalgam, giving the series a twist of paranormal with host and the dangerous lives they are forced to live. I hope you become immersed in the lives of my charcters as did my children. Each one, from Jareth to his youngest daughter, Honor, will warm your heart and make you wish Dover's Amalgam was nearer to your door. To quote Sir Jareth in the final page of The Guardian: May I be the first to welcome to you the age of Dover's Amalgam!

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