Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week's topic is Top Ten Tuesday Rewind, we could choose any topic which was already done in the past. I love this because I only just started doing this meme and it was fun to go through all the topics but deciding on one topic took more time than I expected.

So without further ado, Today's topic I chose to do is Favourite Authors. I am going to be writing only about my top two favourite authors because the list is endless of all my favourite authors. They are all just so sweet and the writing is also good so all their books end up in my favourites shelf on goodreads.
(click on the links to check out the books in goodreads.)

1. Nalini Singh :                                                   
Nalini Singh

She is really an awesome writer. I will read absolutely ANYTHING that she writes. Because I trust her writing that much. She had me at 
Psy-Changeling series's first book, Slave to Sensation. If you love paranormal adult books, and you haven't read this series yet, you are missing out majorly! It has all these adorable characters, you fall for them in the first meeting itself! This series has 15 books but, fear not! I started reading this series when there were 13 books out and I didn't even get when I caught up because it is that good and you keep wanting more and more books in this series.
Her second paranormal is Guild Hunter. I just fell for this series as soon as I read the first chapter. There are archangels and angels and vampires and hunters and it is filled with amazing stories. And Rock Kiss is her contemporary series. Its about band members. If you are looking for a contemporary romance about a band, go for this series. They are all very popular and very adorable.  
Also, she has these newsletters, you should definitely sign up for those because it contains all these amazing extra short stories or deleted scenes of her ongoing series and she sends them for free!

2. Jill Shalvis : 
Jill Shalvis

I ADORE Jill Shalvis. Lucky Harbor is my first Adult Contemporary romance set in small town read. I don't exactly remember why, but I wasn't having a great day and decided to give Lucky Harbor series a go and the first book just sucked me in to this series. It now has 12 books but all books can be read as a standalones. Lucky Harbor is a small town where a pot filled of gold unguarded will stay more safe than your secrets. Peope are so adorable in this series, I just love them all and want them to be real people living in real town so that I can go and live there. 
Soon I couldn't get enough of her books. I went on to Animal Magnetism. Another great series set in small town with loads of animals in the play with brooding alpha males and adorable heroines. 
Her two recent trilogies, Cedar Ridge which is about Kincaid siblings and Heartbreaker Bay set in San Francisco are my favourites too. Kincaid siblings are all misfits and amazing, I wish I was one of their siblings! And Sweet Little Lies is the first book in Heartbreaker Bay and it was an amazing start to this series, can't wait for the remaining books!
Also she has a really great blog! She writes some funny real life conversations or short real life stories. They are all reading worthy. Don't worry she shares it just right, not over sharing her daily life things in fact reading those blog posts leaves you wanting more and her writing views are just extraordinary. You have to see her instagram or blog for the pictures! 
Sorry this kinda became a little more about my favourite author's books other than just listing all my favourite authors.


  1. I've tried Singh before and enjoyed, need to catch up on her work though!

    1. oh really? I hope you liked reading them. Which books did you read?

  2. First time hearing about these two authors. Will be checking them out! :D My Top Ten Tuesday!