Thursday, 30 June 2016


Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts - (un)Conventional Bookviews

It is hosted by Unconventional Bookviews . The idea of Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts is to share a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read, as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not. 

So without further ado:

As soon as she sets the plate on the table, I’m on them, my fingertips burning, my tongue smarting. Don’t care. They’re too good. Heaven.
She watches me, her lips slanting as if she’s stuck between a smile and a scowl. She’s got nice lips, I’ll give her that. Cupid lips, I think they’re called. The kind that, while small, are shaped like a kiss. “Want butter with that?” she asks. “Is that a real question?” I manage between bites. She gets up, grabs a jar that I find out is filled with honey butter—damn, that’s good—and gets us each a cup of coffee.

~ Idol (VIP #1) by Kristen Callihan.
The way he describes the biscuits, my mouth just watered after reading this.

That's What HE Said

This is a meme hosted by Chapter Break Book Blog .  Every Thursday join us by posting a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. The quote you choose does not have to be romantic – it can be anything spoken by a book boyfriend.

“Love breaks your heart, fucks you up—perfect, all-consuming chaos. I didn’t know what to do with that. It felt safer to walk.” He wraps me up in his arms, his eyes on mine. “But it’s also this. Peace, and warmth, and so fucking beautiful, you’ll risk anything to keep it.”

~ Killian said to Libby from Idol (VIP #1) by Kristen Callihan.


  1. That sounds absolutely delicious, Priyanka! And the honey butter on top *sighs* now I'm hungry all over again :D
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Yeah it does, doesn't it? God I am craving biscuits again! LOL