Monday, 3 August 2015

Review ~ Midnight Alias (Killer Instincts #2) by Elle Kennedy

Goodreads Summary: 

She’s smart, seductive, and in way over her head.
He’s her only way out.

An undercover DEA agent has gone off the radar. Suspecting an internal mole, the government needs Luke Dubois and his elite team of operatives to recover their man, and the New Orleans native thinks he’s found his way inside the dark underbelly of Manhattan: Olivia Taylor, the girlfriend of a mob boss and the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on. His new mission objective? Get past Olivia’s defenses and convince her to take a chance—on him.

All Olivia wanted was to finish law school and live a normal life, but that dream was shattered when one dangerous night put her deeply in a mobster’s debt. Now Luke and his team will help her escape—in exchange for intel on the missing agent. But Olivia doesn’t anticipate her intense attraction to the reckless Louisiana charmer or that she’ll be forced to risk everything—including her heart.

My Review :

Midnight Alias is book two in the Killer Instincts series. It is another one of Jim Morgan's mission to take some corrupt, dangerous person down. So Luke, our hero and all the others from Jim's team are keeping a watch on the club and will take down the person they want to when the time is right. You meet Luke in the first book, and I immediately liked him, he is a cajun flirt and very easy going.

Olivia, our heroine, is working in that club as a stripper. She starts with this job when her waiter job couldn't cover her college bills and her mother's medication when her mother got sick with cancer. She feels guilty lying about it to her mother but she can't help it. She has to study to become a lawyer even though she wants nothing else but to become a teacher like her mother.
Then she gets in trouble and results in being debt of the most dangerous person she knows, her club owner and becomes his girlfriend not to her liking.

And then she meets Luke, irresistible as he is, she can't risk being with because she will put his life in jeopardy. Luke wants nothing more than to be with her. He is attracted to her immediately and wants to save her from every evil thing. But he can't help her, unless she trusts him. At this point, I started feeling like Olivia was being selfish and I liked Luke better. He was always there for her and went in to help her without thinking about any consequences, it was kinda sweet.

You get a lot of Trevor and Isabel. As Isabel is helping Jim too.
Working under And Trevor is the head of this operation. Trevor feels a little more like himself as the time passes. He seems better and is handling the operation well but he can't help himself but think about Isabel. Isabel and Trevor finally come closer and the end! IT is a cliffhanger for their story. I  loved their part in this story too. 

My Rating - 3.5 stars!

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