Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review: Love Thy Neighbour by Belle Aurora


Asher 'Ghost' Collins and Natalie Kovac shared a passionate night together. One neither of them can forget.

After reading Friend-zoned I was excited for this book and I like a book with a Badass guy and a troublemaker girl, well it was just as amazing as I thought!

You meet Asher(Ghost) and Natalie in the first book and they *ahem* have a moment together. But she is scared of her feelings and she pushes him away for months but now, Nat is Ghost's neighbour as the title suggests. Ghost is shocked to see Nat as his neighbour.
They have a Love/hate relationship. But soon they overcome their differences and tension and become friends. But soon they can't avoid the tension between them and being friends is not enough, so they decide to be friend with benefits. Nat falls in love with him after that and she says it out loud. Scared Ghost runs away but comes back and he makes it up.

I liked the heroine, which I wasn't sure I would after meeting her in book one. But she is really a sweet person under that tough exterior of hers.

Some favourite quotes :

“Tina leans forward and asks quietly, 'Do you? You know? Love her?'
Squeezing Nat’s knee again, I reply, 'She’s teachin’ me how.” 

“This girl. She's my girl. She's not perfect. Neither am I. But she's perfect for me, and I'll do anything I can to keep her.” 

Nat's face softens, her lips tilt at the corner and she speaks full of awe, "Wow." 
Still chuckling, I ask, "What?"
She shifts from one foot to the other, looks to the ground and says softly, "That's the first time I've heard you laugh." She nervously plays with a ring on her finger. "That's one of the nicest sounds I've ever heard, Ghost. You should do it more often.” 

“Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want in order to find what you deserve.” 

My Rating - 4 stars!


  1. Oh these books do look good and I'll definitely try to get to them soon. great review girl! :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  2. Yes you should read them! Thank you :)